Winkler und Dünnebier, cabinet free, drives, Rexroth
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Tough application

Realization of a modular confectionery machine with low cabinet requirement

Ingenious solution

The usage of IndraDrive Mi allows the design of an effectively modular machine, which the customer can simply arrange in different configuration levels


„The Mi concept, with all additionally available products, made the consequent modular design possible and represents the basis for the WDS machine of the future.“

Bernd Plies, WDS

Winkler und Dünnebier, cabinet free, drives, Rexroth

Solved with

Cabinet-free drive technology IndraDrive Mi


WDS benefits from cabinet-free drive technology from Rexroth

ConfecEco – Modularity to melt away

Chocolates and bars - massive, filled, with or without additions like brittle or nuts. The new compact plant from Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH (WDS) makes it possible. The ConfecEco series is a cost-saving compact plant for small productions with a consequently modular construction – thanks to cabinet-free drive technology from Rexroth.

The ConfecEco series is the latest family member within the machine park of WDS. It was developed especially for the requirements of upcoming companies and manufactures. This completely new development stands for an economical production of high-quality chocolates and several bar sizes. Thanks to the modular design, the machine is suited for almost every budget and ideal to meet the requirements of expanding enterprises.

Highly flexible, future-proof, compact

The cabinet-free drive technology IndraDrive Mi from Rexroth represents the heart of the plant. Either the electronic control system is placed directly on the drive and together they build a compact unit, or the electronic control system can be placed close to the motor. WDS used this option because of the compactness of the machine. This not only reduces the required space in the cabinet but also simplifies the assembling, maintenance, and especially the enhancement of the plant. The cabinet-free IndraDrive Mi drives provide exact and gentle molding transport and handling within the plant. Moreover, they are used for the control of the highly precise dosing operation of the depositor. For WDS, this was the ideal system with all the essential and future-oriented features they needed. The modular design of the ConfecEco affords the operator a subsequent upgrade of the plant to a higher automation level at any time. Even eventual extensions, up to a completely automated production line, are easily possible due to the adding of modules like refrigerator or molding station. By the use of the IndraDrive Mi, WDS benefits from significantly shorter development times and just has to make machine specific adjustments. The end-user has a compact and future-proof machine series on hand, which he can variably expand and flexibly combine.