Efficient Engineering


Efficient Engineering secures the future

Engineering time and effort for design, project planning, programming, and diagnosis are increasingly determining costs and time-to-market. The only solution: a significant increase in engineering efficiency, just like Rexroth offers with the automation solution IndraMotion.

Open Core Engineering reduces expenditure across the entire value-added chain from component selection to standardized programming parameters to startup and daily operations.

11 point check list for Efficient Engineering

  • Open interfaces and standards for communication and programming processes make it easier to realize customer specifications
  • Scalable hardware and software components lay the ground work for a modular machine concept
  • A structured programming framework and object-oriented programming help keep required time and effort to a minimum
  • Pre-defined technological features replace programming activities with parameters and significantly reduce engineering tasks
  • Graphic creation of synchronous movements including automatic code generation speeds up completion of complex tasks
  • An integrated engineering environment for all controls and drives reduces the need for manual input and training
  • Connection to a version control system makes it possible for multiple users to work on one project at the same time
  • Integrated programming of SPS, motion and robotics in accordance with IEC 61131-3 reduces time spent on training and work tasks
  • Well-tuned components, modules and system solutions for all drive and control technologies from one source means fewer suppliers and simplified logistics processes
  • Engineering tools ranging from system start-up and control monitoring to motion optimization and shorter cycles increase efficiency across the entire lifecycle
  • Simulation technology to optimize the entire system even during the design phase