The optimum Safety solution


SafeLogic, SafeMotion and IndraDrive Mi

Whether packaging machine, filler or robot application - the protection of persons before uncontrolled machine movements has absolute priority, independent on the movement type.

The following solution concept combined patency and maximum safety for all Packaging and Processing applications.

Maximum Safety level for machines (Category 4, PL e, SIL3) SafeLogic is efficient, can be programmed freely and enables integrated Engineering – perfect for machines and interlinked extensive systems with comprehensive safety peripherals.

SafeMotion is available for all Rexroth IndraDrive series in the entire performance spectrum from 0.1 kW to 630 kW. The safe motion functions are suitable for requirements up to Cat. 4 with PL e (ISO 13849) and SIL 3 (IEC 62061).

IndraDrive Mi – The cabinet-free drive technology use the safety standard CIP Safety on Sercos and combine highest flexibility and efficiency with SafeMotion safety technology.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum Safety level for machines (Category 4, PL e, SIL3)
  • More flexibility by fourfold of selectable safe movement profiles SMM
  • Reduced wiring costs with CIP Safety on Sercos
  • Cheap, because SafeMotion is already in the drive availably
  • More in addition freely configureable safe output on every drive
  • Safe logic device with parameterised source and target variables for simple linkages
  • Fast selection reaction time < 8 ms for highest security
  • General solution about all IndraDrive product families C, M, Cs, Mi