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Rexroth plastic machinery

High-dynamic injection, exactly defined after-pressure, quick changeover of control algorithms, high uptime of machines at optimal use of energy:

The manufacturers of plastics machines think in complex movement profiles and overall system coherences. This is the only way they can meet the user's demands for optimum process quality and maximum productivity.


Their machine concepts master the processing of various plastics with their different melting temperatures, consistencies and cooling times. Output is increased by exactly defined motion sequences and tailor-made process controllers with reproducible quality and minimal energy consumption assured. The automation solution is a crucial factor in this regard.


For this purpose, numerous machine manufacturers world-wide cultivate a close system partnership with Rexroth, which in some cases reaches back several decades. They are in constant dialog with intern specialists for the plastics industry and perform a variety of tasks jointly with them. They know that their optimum automation solution requires an understanding of the entire machine line and the complete process.

Close cooperation with the manufacturers of plastics machinery is central to the daily business routine and the product and solutions portfolio at Rexroth. Are you looking for technology-neutral advice and the free combinability of hydraulic and electric modules for your applications? Do you expect efficient engineering which makes it easy for you to parameterize typical functions? Do you want to shape the trend to higher energy efficiency without accepting any compromises on productivity? Then Rexroth is the right address for you.



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