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High end robotics for packaging machines

Dedicated to several target industry sectors we offer our system solution of HMI, robot and motion control, servo drives and motors for robot applications.

Capable to control a wide range of different kinematics, the MLC control system integrates all motion, robot and logic control functions needed.

Fast, easy and transparent data access and common share of all process data lead to precise path calculation and perfect synchronization of all movements

Realize robotic applications

More Adaptive addon function



Our approach for higher flexibility and dynamics

End users are demanding, above all, more flexible machines for smaller batch sizes that also increase productivity through maximum dynamics in all motions. To accomplish this, Rexroth has integrated adaptive software functionalities on the control as well as on the drive level.

FlexProfile - General and function

Modern packaging machines are earning highest production rates by using optimized motion profiles with minimized wear. The innovative Rexroth FlexProfile offers the possibility to create such highly effective motion profiles without costly programming.