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A Connected Machine in Just 4 Hours

How can existing machines be digitalized and connected quickly and easily?

Machines without connectivity are like a black box. There is an input and an output, but we know nothing about the processes taking place inside.

However, making these machines — of which there are millions in Germany alone — transparent and thus laying the foundations for Industry 4.0 does not necessarily mean intervening in the existing automation. The Bosch Rexroth plant in Homburg has demonstrated how it can be done.

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Smart manufacturing will realize the promise and potential of Industry 4.0.

Features of Smart Manufacturing



IoT-Gateway – machines can be connected quickly and easily

Make your production machines ready for Industry 4.0.

Network new and existing machines cost efficiently and optimize production processes and product quality: The IoT Gateway makes it easy to connect to Industry 4.0 environments without intervening in the automation logic.

The precisely coordinated combination of control hardware and software for implementing IT applications collects sensor and process data, transmits it to MES, cloud applications or local machine state monitoring systems, for example, and enables process data analysis.