Gantry systems for high-speed high-precision positioning


Our range of gantry automation systems enables accurate positioning for all your applications

For flat-panel displays and solar modules, Bosch Rexroth gantry systems provide torsion-free positioning with high accuracy. Included in this range of gantry automation systems are components of a broad range of sizes and load ratings. The motion control system provides high-dynamic, high-precision coordination of two axes, each with its own control loop, without any mechanical connection. Also, maximum contour precision is ensured through Sercos-based real-time synchronization.

You can achieve end position accuracy in the 30-100 nm range for microscopic test applications with our gantry automation systems. Additional axes can even be integrated into our gantry systems for complex applications, reducing engineering effort and simplifying production changes over the entire lifecycle.


Motion Control System MLC

Scalable and standardized

Servo Drives IndraDrive C/Cs

Versatile and compact

Integrated and cost-effective precision