Documentation and Tools

Documentation and tools

Flexible transport system


The flexible transport system (FTS) from Rexroth is a unique technical solution for transporting and positioning materials and workpieces. Where traditional rollers, chains or belt systems reach their limits for any reason, FTS is the perfect concept. It delivers higher accuracy, allows for freely programmable individual and synchronized movements, and is faster than traditional systems.

NYCe 4000


The Rexroth MPC is the rugged, functional and compact multi-axis industrial motion control system, with integrated drive technology. MPC and FTS control complex equipment and are offered in a single unit that significantly reduces space requirements and cabling, cutting system and integration costs. It also extends machine availability and greatly improves serviceability.



Precise, flexible, efficient – automation solutions for the semiconductor industry

Automation solutions for the semiconductor industry

The right solution no matter the application: Rexroth offers the world’s largest automation technology portfolio for the semiconductor industry. The engineering teams which develop our scalable, cross-technology systems have unrivalled application expertise.

Plastic Electronics

Precise and productive automation solutions

Precise and productive automation solutions

Today’s electronics industry faces constant challenges as resource and energy costs rise. To combat this you need to develop processes and products faster and achieve higher levels of process stability. The automation solutions from Rexroth can give you the competitive edge you need.