Electric Drives and Controls


Motion control system - Powerful and open

  • Integrated drive and control platform
  • High bandwidth control loops
  • Powerful tuning and visualization software
  • Open architecture
  • Modular and compact design

Motion control system - Innovative and intelligent

  • Enables motion under difficult process conditions
  • Powerful software
  • Individual carrier control
  • Carrier tracking
Motion Control System MLC

Motion control system - scalable and standardized

  • Scalable hardware platform
  • Standardized communication interfaces
  • Optional expansion through function and technology modules
  • Ideal for centralized and distributed architectures
IndraDrive C/Cs servo drives

Servo drives - versatile and compact

  • Power range from 100 W to 75 kW
  • Ethernet-based communication, multi-protocol support
  • Innovative multi-encoder interface
Industry PC and HMI - versatile and robust

Industry PC and HMI - Versatile and robust

  • Broad range for control, operation and visualization
  • Reliable system technology
  • Future-proof with modern PC technology
Servo Motors

Servo Motors - compact and powerful

  • Multi-turn absolute encoder
  • High dynamic performance
  • High power density
  • Maximum torque up to 7.1 Nm
  • Maximum speed up to 5,000 rpm
Ironless Linear Motors MCL

Ironless Linear Motors - fast and smooth

  • low weight, high acceleration and dynamics
  • excellent synchronism, no cogging force
  • linear force constant
  • no saturation effect, perfect control quality
Linear Motors - high dynamics and precision

Linear Motors - high dynamics and precision

  • Maximum force up to 21,500 N
  • Maximum velocity up to 10 m/s
  • Compact dimensions
  • Low force ripple

Flexible Transport System

  • Transport under challenging process conditions (e.g. vacuum and high temperatures)
  • Non-contact motion system
  • No moving cables
  • Multi-carriers with different speeds
  • Practically maintenance-free