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The NYCe 4000 motion control system allows an unprecedented level of design freedom. Its next generation hardware designed to handle complex operations, which together with the open software architecture enables the creation of tailored motion solutions – that can be simply integrated into your automation landscape. The extremely compact modular multi-axis controller houses all the control and drive hardware.

The NYCe 400’s high-level programming languages allow the writing of highly complex motion control programs. And the high-speed control loops with 32 kHz bandwidth deliver pinpoint precision and performance.

The motion control system handles up to 120 digital and analogue I/Os in parallel in real time. You are free to implement complex process operations on standardized hardware. Zero-vibration and zero-backlash are achieved with pre-defined software algorithms.

The open controller architecture allows customized kinematics. And the intuitive, dialogue-based user interface simplifies development and the commissioning process, which reduces time to market.

The NYCe 4000 system’s architecture meets highly complex requirements while being extremely easy to operate. The modular architecture enables fast and error free design. A broad range of motors and encoders are supported using a standard PC and motion control unit. System programing is possible using standard building blocks. You are also able to create your own application using the wide array of tools.

NYCe 4000

  • Integrated drive and control platform
  • High bandwidth control loops
  • Powerful tuning and visualization software
  • Open architecture
  • Modular and compact design

NYCe 4000 LMS

  • Inverted linear motor principle
  • Enables motion under difficult process conditions
  • Individual carrier control
  • Carrier tracking

The NYCe 4000 system architecture is designed to meet complex requirements, united with simplicity of operation.

The modular architecture allows fast and error free design-in. Using a standard PC and the motion control unit, a wide range of motors and encoders are supported. Programming the system is simple using standard building blocks.

For specific applications you can build your own application supported by a wide range of tools.