Rexroth solutions for printed electronics
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Tough application

Highest uniformity and precise web transport with different web forces

Ingenious solution

MLC and Open Core Engineering simplify start up and increase flexibility


“Because of the intensive support and the pre-programmed Rexroth technology functions, we were able to focus on the process.”

Jan Schumann, 3D-Micromac

Rexroth solutions for printed electronics

Solved with

  • Motion control system MLC
  • Open Core Engineering with multi-zone web tension control
  • Safety controller SafeLogic compact

3D-Micromac AG relies on automation solution from Rexroth

Printed electronics: On the way to mass production

Printed electronic circuits on flexible substrates will shape our daily life in a few years. The high-tech company 3D-Micromac AG from Chemnitz, Germany, has developed the modular production line microFLEX. 3D-Micromac has worked closely with Rexroth for the machine automation, including web transport with high-precision tension control.

Dedicated to the manufacture of printed electronics, the company has developed the modular microFLEX system. The roll-to-roll process reduces the cost of manufacturing electronic circuits. Rexroth here contributes many years of experience as the market leader in the automation of web presses.

Modular software: start up without programming

The microFLEX system consists of a variety of processing modules for gravure, inkjet, screen-printing, and Slot Die Coating, as well as a station for the laser processing. It allows users to print and coat on a variety of flexible substrates, from plastic foils to textiles, and structure a wide variety of electronics. “Our concept is extremely modular and upgradeable - that must also mirror the system software,” said Jan Schumann, COO at 3D-Micromac. Each module and the corresponding motion for the web transport are saved as software function blocks in the control software of the motion control system MLC. All these requirements are already pre-programmed in the Open Core Engineering technology function “multi-zone web tension control”. It precisely controls the tension in each zone to within ± 1 Newton.

As technology for printed electronics is evolving rapidly, 3D-Micromac relies on maximal scalability in their machine concepts. “The question is not whether printed electronics will become a mass product, but only when,” said Schumann. The requirements for mass production of printed electronics are already satisfied by the machine concept of 3D-Micromac.