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Tough Application

The automated manufacturing of printed electronics components demands precise foil processing and consistent quality management at high productivity levels.

Ingenious Solution

Precise control of roll-to-roll processing for higher productivity – quickly implemented by means of pre-fabricated control functionalities.


„Successful cooperation: As a specialist for printed electronics, PolyIC benefits from the highly accurate roll-to-roll processes provided by Rexroth technologies.“

PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG

Solved with

  • IndraMotion for precise control of roller conveyor movements
  • Open Core Engineering for increased efficiency with pre-programmed function toolkits such as web tension control and winding functions


PolyIC: Stable processes in the production of conductive foils

Printed Electronics – Perfected with Rexroth Know-How

With its broad range of possible applications, printed electronics will have a significant impact on our lives in the near future. PolyIC are specialists in the production of foils and have joined efforts with Bosch Rexroth in order to further develop and perfect the ground-breaking technology.

PolyIC is a subsidiary of Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. KG, based in Fürth, Germany, and uses the traditional roll-to-roll manufacturing process to print ultra-thin, finely structured, metallic layers containing electronic components on transparent polyester foils. They are used as flexible printed circuit boards, in photovoltaic systems and many other applications. For the technical implementation, the company is drawing on know-how provided by Rexroth experts: While PolyIC has specialized on the manufacturing of economically priced foils, Rexroth helps to realize printed electronics solutions by contributing its extensive experience in roll-to-roll processing.

Accurate roll-to-roll processing and increased productivity

The automated production of printed electronics demands highly accurate roll-to-roll processing, because the precisely controlled web tension is essential for the stability of the manufacturing process. Rexroth’s automation solution IndraMotion controls the movements of the roller conveyor and the linear movements of a carriage, which is able to initiate a line standstill for quality management purposes without stopping the entire manufacturing process. This helps to increase the productivity of the plant.

Low engineering effort

IndraMotion combines motion control and IPC functionalities in one system. It offers prefabricated technology libraries for special process functions, which lower the required effort for programming and parameterization. Integrated technologies such as web tension controllers and winding functions also help to accelerate engineering processes in the production of printed electronics components.