Kilns and drums

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    In a cement plant, the gigantic rotating kiln is the heart of production and has to work 24/7. This makes it a perfect application for hydraulic direct drive systems, which offer unbeatable reliability, exceptional uptime, high starting torque and great flexibility.

A Hägglunds hydraulic direct drive system from Bosch Rexroth allows a large kiln to be driven at variable speed, adapting its rate of turn to the current production, while still offering the capacity to start up from standstill. It also balances the driving forces, thus eliminating the transfer of vibrations to the machine. The compact, low-weight Hägglunds motors are mounted directly on the drive shaft without gearboxes, foundations, special frames or complex attachments, which saves space, installation time and cost.



With the high starting torque of our drive solutions, your kilns can start up easily in any load condition. Multiple motors and pumps give our drive systems built-in redundancy, while their excellent load sharing keeps vibration risk to a minimum.

Rotating drums

When it comes to rotating drums, vibration is a key concern. Our drive solutions eliminate it altogether, thanks to their superior load-sharing capabilities. The drives offer high starting torque, which lets you start up in any load condition. And with their highly compact design, they save much of your valuable space.


  • High starting torque
  • Full torque at low speed
  • Power sharing
  • Redundancy
  • Space and weight saving
  • Reliability