Drive and Control solutions for Civil Engineering

  • Floodbarrier Trungnam

    Flood protection Vietnam

    Bosch Rexroth to deliver 94 hydraulic cylinders of various sizes and hydraulic components by April 2018 for Ho Chi Minh City flood protection project

  • Hartelkering modernization and Matador
    Service Hartelkering

    Service Hartelkering

    Almost 20 years after construction, the Hartelkering, one of the major storm surge barriers of the Netherlands, was fully modernized in 2016.

  • (Large) Cylinders and (electric) actuators
    Cylinders and actuators

    Cylinders and actuators

    Improving uptime whilst reducing Total Cost of Ownership with our Large Cylinders and Actuators.

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Robust, powerful, and low-maintenance solutions

All civil engineering projects have one thing in common: They require extremely robust, powerful, and low-maintenance automation solutions.

To build structures to last for centuries, and to operate them with ultimate availability for decades: Clients, designers and operators of civil engineering projects think longterm.

Products, Solutions and Turn Key Projects

Rexroth offers you a globally unique and complete product portfolio. Furthermore you get application-related products of highest quality and with field-proven solutions. We clarify all interfaces, and in our system solutions we match components perfectly to each other.


Application area's

We are active in all application area's like:

Flood protection: Coastal Protection, Water Treatment Plants

Energy: Dam Equipment, Water Turbines

Navigation: Locks, Ship-Lifts

Connectivity: Movable Bridges, Ferry Ramps



With locks and weirs, maximum uptime and long service life are critical for smooth traffic. As the global leader for hydraulic equipment for locks and weirs, Rexroth offers custom support over the entire life cycle to you.