Schleuse Muenster
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Tough application

New construction of a twin lock according to the requirements of modern inland shipping and strict water protection regulations.

Ingenious solution

Electro-hydraulic system solution for the reliable and low-maintenance operation of locks.


“The new construction of the twin locks near Münster makes it possible to handle significantly more than the average 16,000 ships and pushing units per year.”

Schleuse Muenster

Solved with

  • 16 hydraulic aggregates and hydraulic miter gate cylinders
  • Axial piston displacement pumps
  • Integrated position measurement system CIMS Mk IV

Münster lock at Donau-Ems Canal, Germany – increased safety and efficiency with Rexroth hydraulics

Waterway with a Future

In April 2014, the Waterways and Shipping Administration Rheine, Germany, put the second chamber of the new twin lock Münster into operation. Now the waterway is prepared for the future requirements of inland shipping. All motion sequences of the lock are being realized and controlled by means of an electro-hydraulic system solution from Rexroth. The new technology is significantly safer, more powerful, environmentally friendly, and requires less maintenance than previous solutions.

The Dortmund-Ems Canal is one of the busiest waterways in Germany. In cooperation with Eiffel Deutschland Stahltechnologie GmbH and Rexroth as experienced engineering partners, the Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration realized the new construction of the Münster locks between 2009 and 2014. This also required to comply with the strictest regulations for the prevention of water pollution. The annual cargo handled in the twin lock corresponds to the capacity of more than 510,000 truck loads.

Consistently designed for a long service life

16 electro-hydraulic Rexroth drives, housed in special stainless steel containers, and two motor/pump groups enable the reliable opening and closing of the flap and miter gates, the eight circulating closures in the longitudinal channels, and the two transverse closures. Only the drive cylinders at the gates and closures are exposed to spray water. They are protected by an effective anti-corrosion coating based on the Enduroq technology. The hydraulic aggregates are housed in caverns below the locks. Hydraulics generate the required linear movements directly and wear-free, without any mechanical transmission elements. The CIMS Mk IV position measurement system facilitates a direct and very accurate control of traverse distances. This helps to reduce maintenance and repair efforts during the entire life cycle. The lock chambers are connected via transverse channels and make it possible to reduce the water consumption by up to 50 percent – without any additional energy efforts.

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