Cutter dredge solutions

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    Cutter dredger solution

    Cutter dredger

    Bosch Rexroth is an experienced partner in the dredging industry. When it comes to hydraulic systems for cutter suction dredgers, Rexroth has developed various high quality standards and fully customised solutions.

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Cutter products

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A stationary dredger is moored by means of anchors and/or spuds, and is swung around the spudpole powered by winches. The main advantages of this type of vessel are its ability to operate in shallow water and to dredge a wide variety of materials. The mentioned spuds and winches are largely hydraulically operated. The on board hydraulic installations of these cutter dredgers are usually very exhaustive because a lot of specific movements (each with its own requirements) have to be carried out. We have developed product packages to tackle these movements.