Special dredge solutions

  • Backhoe dredge
    Backhoe dredge

    Backhoe dredge

    A backhoe dredge is mostly used in shallow waters like coastal areas and harbors. The backhoe dredge loads its half-open shell by moving towards the machine and unloads it directly into the nearest barge.

  • Piling barge
    Piling barge

    Piling barge

    Piling barges are commonly used in marine construction activities. By driving piles into the sea floor and riverbeds steady constructions can be built.

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Special dredging solutions

There are many different types of dredgers used in excavating and removing sediments from the sea floor and riverbeds. The hopper dredge, cutter dredge and split barge are widely used for various operations in the dredging industry. More specific challenges require special dredge solutions. These can vary from the excavation of soils done by backhoe dredgers to placing steady pole constructions for highways by piling barges:

  • Piling barge
  • Back hoe dredger
  • Fall pipe vessel
  • Stone dumping vessel