Your benefits

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    Your benefits

    As an experienced drive and control partner, with extensive and in-depth dredging know-how, we enable our customer for many years to:

    - Improve performance

    - Improve reliability

    - Enhance safety

    - Reduce operational costs

    - Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

    - Reduce risks


Due to the ever-increasing pressure to perform in the dredging industry over the last decades, the need for highly reliable equipment is clear. As a result, dredgers strongly depend on our reliable, specialised Drive & Control technology. As The Drive & Control Company, one with an outstanding track record for over 50 years in the field of marine and offshore, Rexroth has extensive experience in the dredging industry which has led to specialised dredge solutions. Thanks to standardised and highly configurable modules, Bosch Rexroth continues to deliver extremely reliable and durable dredge solutions.