Hydraulics for large 2-stroke engine systems:
Precision components - low maintenance, economical

  • Nagoya Express
    Nagoya Express

    Leading engine manufacturers, shipyards, shipping companies and sub-assembly suppliers have relied on Rexroth for decades.

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    Engine Room, Nagoya Express

    Efficient system components and application-specific know-how within large engines set Rexroth apart from the competition. Solutions range from components specifically designed for maritime use, through to complete systems.


Transport volume increases, emission standards, operating cost reductions, no allowance for unscheduled downtimes - reasons enough to search out system components that are intelligent and preferably single sourced. Hydraulic components that complement each other by delivering precision and efficiency while setting the standard in the market. Extremely long service life with global service availability. Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging our reliability. Welcome to Rexroth!


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2-stroke engine Your Benefits Your Benefits

Your Benefits

Increased reliability
Prevented downtimes
Lowered emissions
Reduced maintenance effort
Extended useful life
Significantly reduced TCO

engine Products and Solutions Products and Solutions

Products and Solutions

FIVA valve
Start-up units
Turbo hydraulic system
Filter systems

Marine service Service Service


Spare parts service
Repair service


Rexroth Hydraulics for Two-Stroke Ship's Diesel Engine from MAN Diesel & Turbo