Reliable. Efficient. Safe. Proven.
Hydraulic system quality is the metric
by which all engines are judged


Your advantages

  • Increased reliability
  • Prevented downtimes
  • Lowered emissions
  • Reduced maintenance effort
  • Extended useful life
  • Significantly reduced TCO

Longer life, lower TCO for large engines

Given the extremely long useful life of large 2-stroke engines, lifecycle costs are critical. Fuel consumption and maintenance costs are the key determining factors.

High quality and reliability levels help keep maintenance costs low and minimize unscheduled downtimes. To address the increased burden of fuel costs and emission standards, the Rexroth hydraulic design engineers have developed specialized 2-stroke engine components. These components provide environmentally compatible engine operation, and optimized fuel economy.

They are also especially notable for one thing in particular:
Significant reduction in the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Complete engine hydraulic systems from a single source

  • Field-proven axial piston pumps for fuel injection and exhaust valve activation
  • FIVA valves (designed for min. 250 million load cycles)
  • Start-up units
  • Reliable cartridge and directional valves

All components offer long service lives and complement one anothers specifications perfectly. In addition, a special REMAN program for axial piston pumps is available.


Partner for large engine OEMs

Leading engine manufacturers, shipyards, shipping companies and sub-assembly suppliers have relied on Rexroth for decades. Efficient system components and application-specific know-how within large marine engines set Rexroth apart from the competition.

Solutions range from components specifically designed for maritime use, through to complete systems.

Rexroth electro-hydraulic expertise has been called upon from the inception of the first electronic camshaft. Because even the best engine is only as good as the sum of its components.