Glass Making Machinery

Maximum precision and high speeds: Bosch Rexroth optimizes glass processing

- High-resolution CNC interpolation in the nanometer range
- IndraDyn L dynamic linear drives
- Complete system solutions that allow for flexible use

Glass Making Machinery

With drive and control systems from Bosch Rexroth, manufacturers will be able to achieve previously unattained levels of precision. Glass grinding and polishing machines work with up to five to ten times higher levels of precision than similar machines used in metal processing. They can achieve tolerances of 50 to 60 nanometers, which is equal to a thickness of a mere 100 atom layers.

Complete system solutions by Bosch Rexroth can also be used in processing a multitude of precision products. In medical technology, for instance, they can be used in the production of lenses for endoscopes as invasive surgeries are increasingly performed endoscopically. Bosch Rexroth technology can also minimize production errors in the nano range in the processing of larger lenses required in semiconductor production, or of prisms for high-performance analytic technology .

In flat glass processing, what counts most is precision and speed. High-performance production facilities for tempered or laminated glass require increased precision at higher speeds in order to step up productivity. This will increase your production speed and save you a significant amount of money. One of the world's fastest glass cutting machines works with linear motors from Bosch Rexroth. While conventional solutions with mechanical transmission elements have high tolerances, these tolerances do not exist for direct drives.

The result:

- Much more precise cuts with significantly lower tolerances.

- Reduce cycle times in the cutting stage by 20 percent thanks to 12.5 times faster acceleration compared to the previously used combination of rotary servo motor and gear rack.