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The systems are supplied with wave computation software. This software uses second order theory to include wave nonlinearity and to avoid parasitic long waves originating from set-down under wave groups.

Setpoint wave-files can be computed for:

  • Regular waves
  • Irregular waves based on energy density spectra (JONSWAP, PM, TMA, user defined)
  • Soliton / cnoidal waves
  • Recorded time traces (user defined)

The waves can be computed for parallel and oblique direction. Next to that, it is also possible to compute multiple directions waves (short crested seas).

Wave generation

To generate the computed waves a real time Linux-based wave generation software package is provided. A graphical interface allows the user to:

  • Adjust the test setup (wave-file, test duration, segment gain factors, fade in / out time)
  • Start and stop the test, at selected location in the file
  • Calibrate waves
  • Monitor system status and performance

For safe operation the software contains functionality to limit the maximum position, velocity and acceleration for each segment. When a setpoint violates one of the limits, it will be adjusted to remain within these limits. For customer support purposes the system is equipped with remote access functionality.