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  • Side wave generator
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    Your benefits

    - Fully customized systems

    - Customized software systems

    - Robust industrial design

    - Low-maintenance

    - Worldwide support & service


Customized solutions

Bosch Rexroth has been developing complete system solutions including all necessary hardware and software for a long time. Water wave research systems from Bosch Rexroth have proven to be robust and low-maintenance. In addition, we supply custom-developed wave computation software and related data acquisition and analysis systems. As a result, our application experience benefits customers for different types of hydrodynamic research labs.

  • Customized drive and control systems for wave generators and wave absorbers
  • Robust industrial design and low-maintenance
  • Custom-developed wave computation software and related data acquisition and analysis systems
  • Industrial partner with scientific know-how

Highest quality

Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s leading specialists in the field of drive and control technologies. Under the Rexroth brand name, the company supplies more than 500,000 customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling, and moving. Our experience and outstanding portfolio in all fields, including hydrodynamic research, enables us to ensure high quality products and solutions.

Worldwide service

As The Drive & Control Company, Bosch Rexroth develops, produces, and sells components and systems in over 80 countries. Service can therefore be delivered locally in all fields of expertise. Read more about services.