Blanking lines

Blanking lines

Blanking lines feed subsequent stations with straightened metal belts. This is effected by winding a coil (sheet metal belt on a roller). The metal sheet is straightened in the straightening machine and freed of material stress. The belt is moved by means of a roller feed under the following processing station e.g. a press or cutter with a specified number of cycles and length.


Requirements of components/ systems:

  • A wide range of requirements with respect to cycle time, speed, length and straightening/adjusting frequently requires high-dynamic servo drives
  • Exact synchronization with the press/cutter
  • Clean and swift handling of measuring wheel
  • Smooth switching between motor and measuring wheel sensors in the event of a "roller discharge"

Rexroth solutions:

Scalable automation solution for feeder systems and conveyor systems: IndraMotion for Metal Forming

  • Drive-based IndraMotion MLD-M control system
  • Controller-based IndraMotion MLC multi-axis control
  • High-dynamic IndraDrive servo drives

Linear guides for sheet decoilers

Precision guides for heavy loads for straightening rollers

Mechanical drives (ball screw assemblies) for straightening rollers

Electric- Drive Systems can be found in our IndraDrive Catalogue

Our PLC and Motion Control Systems are to be found in our Control Catalogue