Powder metal presses

Powder metal presses

The manufacture of powder-metal products (large-scale series production) encompasses three production stages: the manufacture of metallic powder, forming and sintering. Presses are required for the sub-step of the forming operation to press the powder mass into a die. In the concluding sintering stage the materials are smelted to form high-precision parts (3 - 5 micron).

Technically demanding processes such as on the powder metal press require precision, dynamic control of the process parameters. Electrohydraulics is well-established here, with its high power-density combined with excellent controllability, although electromechanical systems are also suitable.


Requirements of components/systems:

  • High-precision positioning and closed loop control of up to 10 axes using one control valve and measuring system respectively (complex tools)
  • Removal control, position control for realizing parts accuracy and pressure control for density of the part

Rexroth solutions:

Control valves (usually WRSE , WRLE , WRVE and WRGE )

Electronic control of control axis by MAC8 (up to 32 axes)

Typical pump: A4VSO

Secure press control with M-modules

High-precision Profiled rail systems for the slide guide

Mechanical drives ( ball screw assemblies ) for auxiliary axes

Transfer systems for workpiece transport

Handling units for workpiece feed and/or removal

Electric- Drive Systems can be found in our IndraDrive Catalogue

Our PLC and Motion Control Systems are to be found in our Control Catalogue