Press brakes

Press brakes

Bending presses are machines designed especially for bending sheet metal. When bending (also frequently referred to as die- or V-bending) the non-bent or pre-bent workpiece (the metal sheet) is laid on a die with a V-shaped opening.


Requirements of components/systems:

  • Position accuracy of the pressure beams to ~ 0.01 mm; this means high demands on the closed loop hydraulic control
  • Solutions suitable for series production
  • Precision processing of multi-axis computer-controlled back stops
  • High angular accuracy when edge-bending due to swift processing of angle sensor signals
  • Safe and swift shut-down of machine for unconfined press access
  • Easy handling of components
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low noise mission.

CNC Press Brakes Hydraulic Drives

- CE- and NonCE Designs

- Animation


Rexroth solutions:

Standard control blocks as 3-block- or compact control plate

Control valves (usually WRTE , WRLE) and proportional valves (usually WREE , WRPE )

PGH Internal gear pump

IndraDyn S high-dynamic synchronous servo motors and IndraDyn T synchronous torque motors

IndraDrive servo frequency converter with integrated safety technology

MLC motion control and MTX CNC control

Speed-variable pump drive with IndraDrive servo frequency converter and A10FZG axial piston pump

A10 axial piston pumps (fixed and variable displacement)

Profiled rail systems , specially designed for heavy loads

Positioning devices: Ball rail systems with integrated measuring system , ball screw assemblies

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Our PLC and Motion Control Systems are to be found in our Control Catalogue