Wire-bending machines/ spring-winding machines


With spring-winding or wire-bending a wire is pushed into the tool by means of a clamping jaw. When winding a spring the tool is bent, enabling the workpiece to recognize a change of direction and thus be bent. Wire-bending is effected using the bending head.


Requirements of components/ systems:

  • CNC-controlled mobile tables
  • High-precision positioning within the µm-range
  • Minimization of set-up times thanks to flexible programming of each individual tool
  • Constant acceleration even during the "flying cut" cutting phase

Rexroth solutions:

Interpolation of all CNC-axes with IndraMotion MTX

Precision closed-loop position control with IndraDrive system

Backlash-free linear guides guarantee optimum rigidity and flexibility of the winding finger

Profiled rail systems , specially designed for heavy loads

Ball rail systems and ball screw assemblies for the positioning device

Electric- Drive Systems can be found in our IndraDrive Catalogue

Our PLC and Motion Control Systems are to be found in our Control Catalogue