Baykal Machinery
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Tough application

Large press brake with an extremely high clamping force and high operating speed.

Ingenious solution

Custom-tailored, reliable and energyefficient Rexroth solutions for the successful realization.


„Thanks to Rexroth’s solutions, we do not need to rely on an external hydraulics expert any longer. Our customers also appreciate the comprehensive standardization of the system.“

Murat Bayazıt, Baykal Machinery


Solved with

  • Rexroth manifolds and valves
  • Rexroth displacement pumps
  • Pressure filters


Baykal Machinery: Efficient and reliable press brakes of any size with hydraulic drives from Bosch Rexroth

The World’s Largest Press Brake

Baykal Machinery, a leading Turkish manufacturer of machines for sheet metal working, has gained an international reputation with the production of powerful press brakes, laser and plasma cutting machines, as well as waterjet cutting machines and vertical machining centers. In cooperation with Bosch Rexroth, the enterprise has now developed the world’s largest press brake.

Baykal Machinery, situated in Bursa, Turkey, has been closely cooperating with its partner Bosch Rexroth for many years. In the past, Bosch Rexroth delivered customtailored manifolds and valves for several diff erent machine solutions. At present, the press brake APHS 8.500 mm x 6.000 t, which has been constructed with Rexroth components, is the world’s largest machine of its kind. The system is especially efficient during operation thanks to the combination of a Rexroth hydraulic manifold, which has been individually designed for this confi guration, with two powerful displacement pumps. The press brake achieves a fast approach of 50 mm/s and convinces with a pressing speed of 6 mm/s.

Size and performance require special engineering know-how

At the project stage, the most important challenge for the Baykal and Bosch Rexroth experts was to facilitate the clamping force of 60.000 kN, which has never before been realized. It was also necessary to rent a suitable manufacturing site for the production of the machine with its height of 9 m. Thanks to Bosch Rexroth’s experience with large machine solutions it was possible to combine the extraordinary force of the press brake with a surprisingly compact design – the entire system has a length of just 8.5 m. The commissioning does not require any special know-how and can be completed very quickly.