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Tough Application

Accurate, efficient, and environmentally friendly post-processing of sintered metal components.

Ingenious Solutions

Three self-contained electrohydraulic axes – without any tanks and pipelines.


„Fast installation, less noise, 60 % less energy consumption and increased productivity are good reasons for Frey to also equip its powder presses with Rexroth technology in the near future.“

Kaspar Waldherr, Frey

Solved with

  • Rexroth SHA axes with speed-variable servo-drives
  • MLC with IndraDrive servo-inverters

Frey: Sizing presses with self-contained electro-hydraulic servo-axes by Rexroth

Linear Drives without Power Units and Pipelines

From dampers to clutch discs: Instead of elaborate machining processes, the automotive industries often prefer more cost-effective solutions for the pressing of metal alloy powders today. Frey & Co. GmbH with headquarters in Lenggries-Fleck, Germany, provides the required sizing presses – with self-contained electro-hydraulic plug&run axes from Rexroth. These are extremely precise, environmentally friendly, and particularly easy to integrate into existing systems. There is no need for hydraulic power units and pipelines. The result: Significantly less space requirement and planning effort.


Components made of sintered metal usually have to be post-processed in order to meet customer requirements regarding manufacturing quality, dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Sizing presses from Frey help to correct even minimal warpage and to further densify the material structure. The axial presses operate at pressures of up to 315 bar. Loading is done automatically for mass production, but can also be handled manually for small batch sizes.

Efficient, compact, low-noise and flexible

The ready-to-mount self-contained axes from Bosch Rexroth cover the range from 100 to 2,500 kN in push and pull directions at a maximum stroke of 1,800 mm. The positioning control of the system achieves accuracies of up to 1 μm. In addition, the SHA axes convince with their improved overall cost-effectiveness: The electric servo-drive permanently adapts its torque to the power requirements of the pump and thus minimizes power consumption and cooling effort. Due to the integration of the pump into the control block, the system operates much quieter. IndraDrive servo-inverters with the Motion Logic system MLC from Bosch Rexroth serve as controllers. With their drive and control software, the plug&run axes facilitate fast engineering which also considers the specific requirements of fluid technologies. Thanks to the significantly reduced oil consumption, the system does not require an oil tank.