Individual Sytronix solutions for straightening machine

In a close engineering partnership with Bosch Rexroth, MAE, one of the world-leading specialist when it comes to straightening or assembling components, developed a new straightening machine using a variable speed pump drive. The new line of machines features press forces up to 20,000 kN. This corresponds to the thrust of a hundred jet engines for commercial aircrafts. With it, steel plants can straighten solid steel rollers 30 meters long and 800 mm in diameter.

For its straightening machines for large workpieces, MAE relies on variable speed pump drives which were optimized by MAE and Rexroth exactly for this application.

The RICOS straightening controller developed by MAE measures the workpieces and, on the basis of these measurements, depending on the thickness and the type of the material, calculates the required stroke settings of the ram. The drive-based Rexroth MLD motion logic system controls the movements in a highly precise and energyefficient (up to 80%) manner. The rotational speed control is performed so smoothly and with so much precision (0,1mm) that MAE directly positions the control cylinder without any control valves.

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