Control Blocks


DSE winch control block

Anchoring of ships or depositing of cargo on the bottom of the sea – the potential uses for winches in marine and offshore areas are extremely varied. Safety is always the highest priority. Rexroth incorporated a new safety function into the DSE valve block family, that maintains holding forces,even when the brake is inactive. The compact design reduces costs and installation effort for the user.

High Pressure Control Blocks

High Pressure Control Blocks

The crane is controlled by the high pressure control blocks M4 12, 15 and 22 in disc design. These blocks operate with load sensing to save energy. For different loads and where a number of actuators are operated at the same time, load pressure compensation ensures that the same speed can be maintained. The blocks can be operated mechanically, hydraulically, electro- hydraulically or with on-board electronics. In addition, the M7 22 monoblock with its load-independent flow distribution ensures that all the actuators can continue to run at a proportionally reduced speed even where the volume flow is insufficient.

Winch control block

Winch control block WCB type

Whether it’s a towline winch with high unladen rope speed, a mooring winch with automatic rope tightening or an anchor winch with an initial break-away torque increased by 50%: the WCB, with its seawater-resistant deck construction and modular design, caters for every eventuality, both on its own or when used in combination. The WCB also features a choice between manual, hydraulic or electric controls.

MSC Slewing gear control

MSC Slewing gear control

You can control the sequence independently of the supply with this compact control block, as well as configuring the deceleration of the slewing gear to suit your individual application. Further integrated functions permit both the control of the holding brake and the proportional activation of a dynamic slewing gear brake.


Custom Control Blocks

Wherever the wide range of series control blocks does not suffice for a particular control system or does not ideally cover the functions required, Rexroth also offers customer-specific solutions. Working together with our engineers you will be able to find exactly the right control block for your application.