Marine Valves

Seawater resistan marine valve

Seawater resistant marine valves

Rexroth offers you a unique program of see water resistant marine valves. Sea water resistant steel or brass is employed for areas critical in construction. Robust electrical interfaces with corresponding IP protection are of course available.

Proportional marine valve

Winch valves

The WMM 16 SO840 proportional valve, featuring an electric or hydraulic remote control facility, has been specially developed to meet the demands in the marine industry for smooth and jerk-free start-up of winch drums. This is in part achieved by means of a particularly low-friction valve piston.


Proportional Valves

WRZ proportional valve

So as to enabling monitoring of the function and position of the rudder at any time, Rexroth has opted for the WRZ proportional marine valve with integrated switch position monitoring. This marine valve has been specially developed for these applications.

WREA Proportional Valve

WREA proportional marine valve with integrated electronics for position control, tested in accordance with IACS (International Association of Classification Societies). A typical marine application example: Voith-Schneider propeller.


Load holding valves

BDV Valve

BDV valves

The BVD marine valve is a counterbalance valve designed to hold the load when in an uncontrolled state. Being built directly onto the motor averts the danger of the line breaking, at the same time improving the behavior of the counterbalance valve considerably compared with the piped version.

FD Valve

Check-Q-Meter FD valve

The FD marine valve offers a range of setting options to suit the relevant application and is graduated for accommodating different flow rates. As with the BVD valve this can be built directly onto the hydraulic motor.


Valves for ships’ diesel engine

Rexroth FIVA-Valve

Rexroth FIVA-Valve

Core components for optimum fuel consumption and low emissions

FIVA stands for “Fuel Injection & Valve Activation”. This hydraulic actuator assumes the function of the camshaft and is thus responsible for the injection process as well as the control of the exhaust valve of the new ME motor generation.