Transfer systems

  • Replenishment of a ship at sea
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    Transfer systems

    Bosch Rexroth is an experienced partner when it comes to different types of transfer systems. All systems are based on either replenishing ships at sea with solid goods or refueling ships with liquids.

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Seaworthy transfer systems

The process of replenishment and refueling ships at sea can take place in critical situations, from being underway in rough weather conditions to experiencing freezing temperatures at the arctic seas. In order to ensure a safe and reliable exchange of solid goods and fluids in various conditions at sea, Rexroth transfer systems meet the highest industry quality standards with respect to technology, functionality, safety, economy and class conformity. As a partner already in the engineering phase, Rexroth is able to develop transfer systems meeting these highest industry standards plus it can save you maintenance time and costs, not to mention improving availability over the complete life cycle.

Electric & hydraulic transfer systems

Throughout the years Bosch Rexroth delivered both electrical and hydraulics-based transfer systems. Hydraulics are usually more compact, and may have advantages in power consumption. In case hydraulic power is already available in the ship’s design a substantial reduction on the costs can be expected by using hydraulic replenishment solutions. Electrical transfer systems on the other hand are less complex and easier to maintain.