• Ship service
    Ship service

    Ship service

    - Spare part services
    - Field services
    - Regular condition monitoring
    - Inspections
    - Repair
    - Overhaul services
    - Modernization

  • Specialized services
    Specialized services

    Specialized services

    Our Specialized Service department offers solutions on custom-built, project related products on a worldwide scale, using own Rexroth workshops as well as other certified facilities.

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Please get in contact with our specialized service headquarters directly through:

Telephone: +31 (411) 651 166



Marine service

Rexroth offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services. Our maintenance concepts are made up of life cycle management, field service, regular condition monitoring, inspections, repair and overhaul services, and spare part management and delivery. With various specialized service centers around the globe to support your maintenance operations.

Marine service network

Specialized Service network

Our international service centers, specialized in the field of marine and offshore, are located in: