High Performance Cylinder
for the Mold Oscillation

Mounting Style MF3
Mounting Style MT4

Position-controlled hydraulic linear drives Hydraulic linear drives allow the complete control of all oscillation variables during casting. Due to this control flexibility, different curve profiles may be applied to optimize the oscillation process. In addition, both, the stroke amplitude and the oscillation frequency, can be varied together with the casting speed during casting. The essential features of mold oscillation cylinders from Rexroth are extremely dynamic response characteristics, accuracy, a low friction coefficient and high capacity for absorbing side loads due to special support of the piston rod.

If no side loads occur, high-performance cylinders from Rexroth may be used as a cost-efficient alternative. With constant, pressure independent frictional values, which are definitely comparable to classic servo cylinder series, the modular kit with force rates of 16, 40, 63, 100 and 250 kN covers a wide range of applications in mold oscillation.

The price advantage gained due to a more cost-effective sealing and bearing concept compared to the series with pocket bearings, limits the technical usability only marginally. Primarily, the limited absorption of side loads, which may be caused by e. g. moved masses, own weight (depending on the installation position) and transverse acceleration occurring by interaction with other actuators, has to be taken into account.