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Tough application

Apron feeders are working in harsh environments and need a high starting torque and capability to handle frequent starts and stops.

Ingenious solution

Direct drives providing reliable performance and starting torque day after day, year after year.


„Then we decided to go for the Hägglunds drive solution. They always start, they never let you down”. / Mr. Blanken, EMO.


Direct drive solutions for apron feeders

Providing reliable operations for more than 20 years

Along the Dutch coast you can find some of the larger ports in Europe. More than a 100 million tonne of coal and iron ore is handled here every year. The material is coming in from all over the world with bulk carriers, the biggest ones up to about 380,000 tonne. In these surroundings you can also find a critical application that seldom steps into the spotlight; Apron Feeders.


The apron feeder is a tough application and feeders were for a long time a challenge for many companies. Especially since they work in harsh environments with high humidity, salty water and dusty surroundings with abrasive particles. The apron feeders also have to have variable speed, high starting torque and the capability to handle frequent starts and stops.When the Hägglunds hydraulic drives were introduced in the mid 1980s, many customers were quick to apply the new drive solution to the application. Now their apron feeders have worked trouble free for more than 20 years. Today many of the customers using Hägglunds hydraulic drives from Bosch Rexroth for their apron feeders have also moved on to using the technology on other machinery, such as bucket wheel

reclaimers, long travel drives, conveyor belts and more.

Reliable starting torque at EMO

At the dry bulk terminal EMO, four apron feeders are driven by hydraulic motors. Since 1989 the only measure taken has been inspections and the renewal of some bearing and seals. Mr. Martien Blanken at EMO is satisfied. “Basically the hydraulic drives are trouble free. And they offer a very reliable starting torque and performance. Our feeders are running in two ways and starting in the pushing mode is very tough. This is why we decided to go for the Hägglunds drive solution. They always start, they never let you down”.