Your benefits


What drives your performance?

Mining, mineral processing and materials handling are different businesses with a shared challenge. All place extreme demands on their driven equipment - and none ever accept unplanned stops. Whether you excavate, crush, refine or simply keep things moving, you need equipment and a supplier you can trust.

Your advantages:

  • Reliability and availability
  • Weight and space saving
  • Controllability
  • One supplier, one responsibility

A powerful offer

Bosch Rexroth has a long history of making a difference in mining, mineral processing and materials handling. Using our deep application knowledge together with our extensive drive and control portfolio, we offer the best solutions to meet any of your challenges. We can bring you what's best for your machine and process, as well as what's best for your business.

A partner who goes the distance

Success comes from high productivity and well utilized machinery and processes. To fulfill this, it's improtant that your drive system and equipment supplier match the same qualities you need in your equipment performance, availability, longevity - Bosch Rexroth offers all these and more.

At your service, around the globe

With our global network of knowledge and servivce, we offer local support that goes well beyond the ordinary. Our engineers are not only experts in our own solutions, but also specialists in your applications. Our highly experienced local service staff can take care of your system solutions so that you can concentrate on the most important aspect of all - your core business.