• 3dof & 6dof motion platform services
    3dof & 6dof motion platform services


    You need to be able to trust the equipment effectiveness of your motion platforms, because every failure may result in large consequential costs for repair and even business income.

Service partner in motion platform technology

You want a service partner who knows your application and is able to maximize availability, working together with you. Rexroth is ideally suited to do just that, because we offer you more than just the standard: custom-tailored services from a single source for all drive and control technologies for 3dof and 6dof motion platforms.


Your benefits

  • Maximum system availability due to an extensive service portfolio tailored to your individual needs
  • Service from a single source with Rexroth as service partner
  • Rapid, competent assistance supplied by a global service network with years of application experience


Please get in contact with Bosch Rexroth motion specialists directly.

Motion department

Phone: +31 411 651 122