Split Hoist Heave Compensation

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    Combined compensation

    The 'Split Hoist' AHC concept combines active and passive heave compensation elements.

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    Better control and handling

    Split Hoist Heave Compenasation enables cranes to better control and handle much heavier loads without swing.

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What is ‘Split Hoist’ heave compensation?

This innovative combination of active and passive heave compensation supports a much higher working load, while also improving system efficiency by as much as 80%.

A passive in-line heave compensator supports the load and passively compensates for some of the ship’s movement. The passive in-line system is hoisted and held by the existing winch or crane.

An active feed system with heave compensation (typically mounted on the ship’s deck) then compensates for the remaining movement of the load. It measures movement of the vessel and reacts to control the load’s position relative to the seabed.

The Concept

Watch our video to see the concept explained