Shredder with a Hägglunds direct drive system
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Tough application

Baling presses and shredders handling heavy materials in tough environments.

Ingenious solution

Hydraulic drives with high torque and capability to handle shockloads


"Hydraulic drives are highly effective wherever extremely high cutting force is needed, thanks to its high torque and high starting torque“

Andreas Mack, Weima Maschinenbau

Bale press

Solved with

  • Hägglunds direct drive systems for the Shredders, including Hägglunds CA motors as well as drive unit and control system.
  • Bosch Rexroth products for scrap shears and baling presses such as pumps, valves, power packs etc

Effcient recycling

On the global market for global benefit

Recovery and recycling are effective ways of reducing greenhouse gases, as well as for conserving raw materials and energy. Weima Maschinenbau is one of the suppliers that provides the growing recycling industry with the right tools for this purpose. And they do it using hydraulic drives from Bosch Rexroth.


Weima Maschinenbau is a German company based in Ilsfeld outside Stuttgart, with about 170 employees and 28,000 machines in operation worldwide. The company manufactures various types of shredders and briquette presses used to compact large items into small and homogeneous ones for recovery and recycling of plastic, paper, wood and metal, or for handling biomass for energy production.

A global player

Europe is the base for Weima and its most established market. The recycling market is also strong here thanks to political interest and support, and this is reflected in legislation. A resource-efficient society is a top priority within the European Commission, in part to ensure that we will have a safer and more reliable raw material base, produce and use resources more efficiently, and not least, increase the competitiveness of European industry. Weima also argues that as a result of globalization, European corporate leaders take their environmental guidelines, procedures and values into new markets – which benefits the recycling industry.“Being a global player is a challenge since we are not a giant corporation. We attend about 40 trade fairs each year and constantly establish new collaborations in new markets. We also have an extensive network of dealers,” says Andreas Mack, General Manager, Financial Affairs. In addition to traveling to trade fairs, Weima also brings customers to its own exhibitions. The company built a showroom in Ilsfeld to which potential customers can bring their materials for test runs.

“We demonstrate extremely well-equipped machinery and the piece de resistance is the high-technology shredder we set up in collaboration with Bosch Rexroth. When working with customers from all over Europe the ability to simulate their reality is a great asset. We are now building up similar showrooms in other parts of the world as our business grows.”


Why use direct hydraulic drives?

The greatest strengths that Karl Dietrich, Technical Officer Weima, and Andreas Mack see with the hydraulic drive systems are the flexibility of torque and speed.“Since the rotor speed is continuously adjustable, we can also optimally design our shredder and our application for the material to be shredded – regardless of whether it is hard, soft, firm or fluffy.”Other advantages include low power consumption and maintenance costs in relation to throughput, while availability and reliability remain high even when processing dirty and heavy material. “Hydraulic drives are highly effective wherever extremely high cutting force is needed, thanks to its high torque and starting torque. Our customers often handle heavy materials, such as in metal recycling, and then it’s important for the machines to be able to handle it,” says Mack.

Rexroth focuses on the customer

The reason for collaboration with Bosch Rexroth is largely due to Karl Dietrich, who had good experience of working with the company before joining Weima, and was responsible for establishing contact and introducing the technology to Weima.In addition to the positive experience from the past collaboration and the function of Hägglund products for large shredders, one major advantage of Bosch Rexroth’s system, according to Weima, is the compact design of the drive – in part because customers often have limited space and in part because the drive does not overshadow the company’s own product.“With a conventional drive, the drive is more prominent than the machine. That’s the way it is. With a small hydraulic drive, we know that the visual focus is on our own shredders. And we’re selling our machines,” says Andreas Mack.„Bosch Rexroth’s Hägglund products are a great fit for our machines.“