Rexroth Performance Promisse: (Why Rexroth)

Ocean Energy benefits
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Rexroth supports in an early phase with customized systems and solutions for power take off (PTO) and auxiliary drives. In the Applications Center „Ocean Energy“ Rexroth is combining all the experience and know-how in this area and focusing them on the development of system solutions for marine energy devices. This way Rexroth supports the OEMs already in the forefront with „wave-to-wire“ computer simulations. In an interactive process Rexroth specialists optimize the PTO for the particular device, plan and deliver ready-to-install hardware modules.

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Application Know How

Rexroth possesses a unique fund of experience for maritime drive projects and a wide portfolio on components specially developed for this purpose. More than twenty years ago, when the industrial development of wind turbines began, Rexroth got engaged as pioneering partner for gearbox technology as well as drive and control solutions. Together with all important device manufacturers Rexroth was increasing the reliability and efficiency of these core components. This led to a deep understanding for the particularly stringent requirements on reliability for energy production units. Also maritime applications have always been part of Rexroth´s core business. Whether on ships, typhoon prove ferry terminals, barrages or offshore technology: On all seas Rexroth hydraulic components and systems prove themselves under most challenging conditions. Also in these applications users are calculating in decades when specifying their systems.

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The product portfolio offered for marine energy is based also on Rexroth hydraulic component- and system solutions, which proved themselves extraordinary robust and reliable in various marine applications e.g. Axial piston motors A4VSO or A4VSG for driving a generator (up to 1.000 cubic centimeters per revolution), electro hydraulic pitch drives for tidal energy converters, hydraulic cylinders optimized for being used as linear pumps in wave energy converters ( ), radial piston pump CBM for the drive train, radial piston motors CA and CB for the use in auviliary drives ( ), motion logic control MLC for Hydraulics ( )