Keeping your rubber processing rolling – safely


When your production runs 24/7, every minute saved while mixing, homogenizing or warming up your materials is valuable. Our hydraulic drive systems let you work faster while utilizing your roll mills to the maximum – without compromising safety. Variable speed and friction, advanced monitoring systems and reliable safety functions are just a few of their key advantages.


Benefits for Roll Mills


Maximized safety

The quick-stop function of our Hägglunds direct drive systems provides the market’s fastest stopping time, and our roll-back function automatically reverses your roll mill after an emergency stop.

That means maximum safety for your roll mill operators. With our drives you also avoid the risk of overheating and fire, no matter how tough and difficult the material being processed.

Low maintenance

The modular design of our Hägglunds drive solutions, which is based on standard components, is as rugged as it is compact. That in itself means a long service life. Add the security of a maintenance agreement from Hägglunds service experts at Bosch Rexroth, and you can focus completely on your core business.

Flexible production

Fully variable speed on both rollers allows precise control and enables production with many different recipes.

There’s no limit to the number of starts and stops your roll mill can make when equipped with a hydraulic direct drive.

Variable friction

Independent drive on the rollers creates countless alternatives for optimizing friction according to your compound.

This creates an optimal process for mixing to a consistent quality.