Rubber mixing room optimization

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Future-ready drive and control solutions for rubber processing

Your rubber equipment deals with the here and now, from mixing your recipes to processing and finishing your materials, it is integral to the rubber manufacturing process . But your mind is on a whole range of challenges, from tomorrow's rubber mixing recipes to efficiency and a quickly changing market. When it comes to drive and control, you need a solution that can deal with the future as well as the present.


Keeping the pace

As the rubber industry moves forward, your rubber processing machinery needs to move with it. Staying competitive means optimizing existing products while decreasing your costs, enhancing reliability and maximizing the safety of your employees by meeting rubber industry safety standards. Likewise it means being ready to develop. You want the flexibility to work with new materials and meet new demands, whether they come from customers, regulations or simply a shift in the market.

Bosch Rexroth in tire production

Video: Bosch Rexroth in tire production (07:27 min)


To make this a reality, you need system solutions that:

  • Give you the power and control to fully optimize your processes – from rubber mixing to rubber extrusion and beyond
  • Perform reliably - and maximize employee safety
  • Fit easily into your installation and facility
  • Have the flexibility to change with your business
  • Give you access to top-notch support

All this is what Bosch Rexroth delivers.


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