Service in the Rubber Industry from Bosch Rexroth

Hägglunds Original Service

Our mission is to make sure that our customers get the most out of their rubber manufacturing processes and work through great solutions and service - to facilitate and enhance their operations by being an active long-term partner, sharing our experience, know-how and technological solutions.


Reliability all the way

That kind of service takes resources, but also a special mindset. Bosch Rexroth has a strong supply network and service personnel around the world, plus knowledge and offerings only a global supplier can provide. But our focus is firmly on your specific challenges.

Wherever you are, we are right there with you. With our global network of rubber machinery knowledge and service, we offer local support that goes well beyond the ordinary. Our experienced engineers are not only esperts in our own solutions, but also specialists in your applications. With our own local service personnel who understand our products and your situation, we take care of the system solutions so that you can concentrate on the most important aspect of all - your core business.

Reliability is only where we begin. With Bosch Rexroth, you have a solution and a supplier that help you move forward.


Spare parts

Trust the original spare parts: research, development, service and quality by Bosch Rexroth.


Our Rexroth Repair Service Centers repair according to worldwide standards.

Field Service

Our field service supports you during on-going operation whenever it is necessary.

Product Overhaul

Product Overhaul

It often makes sense to replace defective components during scheduled breaks in production.