Academy of Music, Budapest
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Tough Application

In just five months, Rexroth realized a versatile stage technology, which can be flexibly and noiselessly adapted to the most diverse stage requirements and fits perfectly into the historic Academy building.

Ingenious Solution

The Rexroth components are very quiet and do not disturb the concert audience.


"Rexroth continues to put great efforts into ensuring that its customers and partners are able to go on to the market with competitive products and applications." István Ács, Bosch Rexroth Hungary

Controlled Stage Machinery

New Rexroth-Controlled Stage Machinery at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest

Advanced Stage Machinery
Completed Within Five Months

The Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music is one of the most renowned educational institutions for young musicians in Hungary. During the renovation of the building, the stage machinery was also modernized. Rexroth realized this ambitious project in cooperation with its Hungarian partner Színpad- és Emelőgéptechnika Kft.

The modernization of the stage machinery at the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music was realized after a number of similar projects , which Rexroth executed at several internationally renowned cultural institutions recently: For example, Rexroth implemented stage automation systems with state-of-the-art drives at the Oslo Opera House and at the famous Moscow Bolshoi Theatre.

Protection of the Historic Monument and Tight Schedule

The project proved to be an exceptional challenge, which demanded special expertise and experience: despite the modernization of the stage machinery, the historic structure of the 105-year-old Academy building had to be preserved. Furthermore, the entire project had to be executed within five months – from the initial planning through to the installation and post-acceptance testing. The reopening of the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music was scheduled for the 202nd birthday of its name giver in October 2013.

Quiet Technology for Undisturbed Musical Enjoyment

The modernization measures focused on the stage automation: The responsible consortium installed the entire upper machinery complete with fly hoists , lighting and safety curtain . Most of the mechanical components are controlled by Rexroth technology now. All systems are nearly noiseless, so that the audience can enjoy stage performances undisturbed.

Accepted Stage Technology Specialist

All tests prior to the official debut at the reopening concert went off successfully without any complaints. Rexroth has been able to establish itself as an exceptional stage technology specialist at historical and modern opera houses and concert halls throughout Europe.