Nové divadlo in Pilsen
Marginal Column

Tough application

Versatile and safe stage technology for all conceivable performance situations.

Ingenious solution

Individually tailored system solution with hydraulic and electromechanical drives.


„With its state-of-the art stage machinery, the Nové divadlo is optimally prepared for all events of the European Capital of Culture Pilsen in 2015.“

SYB 3.0 stage control system

Solved with

  • 8 hydraulic cylinders and more than 160 electromechanical drives
  • SYB 3.0 stage control system with 3D visualization and simulation for the optimal adjustment of the drives

Cutting-edge stage technology for the Nové divadlo in Pilsen

Culture moves – with Rexroth behind the Scenes

Pilsen, situated in the west of Bohemia, and European Capital of Culture 2015, opened the first new Czech theatre since the turn of the millennium in September 2014. The complex stage machinery makes use of the latest Rexroth technologies in order to be prepared for various cultural events and to ensure maximum safety.

The Nové divadlo, situated at Pilsen’s Jízdecká Street, is designed as a universal cultural center, which provides the appropriate setting for drama, opera, musicals, ballet, concerts, talk shows and public events of any kind. The programmatic diversity places enormous demands on the flexibility of the stage machinery. Rexroth’s specialists developed an individually tailored and extremely adaptable solution for the upper and lower machinery, the stage control system, the warehouse equipment and transport platforms as well as for the technical equipment in the rehearsal rooms.


Flexible technology provides space for creativity

The entire technology of the larger main stage and the smaller studio stage is based on eight hydraulic and more than 160 electromechanical drives, which can be easily controlled by means of the SYB 3.0 stage control system. The three primary orchestra podiums and five primary stage podiums with a total area of 12 x 16 m can be flexibly adapted for almost any performance situation with the lower machinery. Each primary podium is being moved by a hydraulic cylinder. Three secondary podiums are integrated into the eight podiums. They can be individually adjusted by means of electromechanical drives. Rotating and mobile stage elements provide even more configuration options.

User-friendly and safe

The upper and lower machinery are controlled via SYB 3.0. The system can be easily used with all drive technologies and offers a maximum of investment security thanks to its modular design. The integrated 3D simulation and a variety of several operating modes help to speed up the workflow before and during the performance. All components of the stage machinery meet the strict European safety standards and are certified by TÜV SÜD, Czech Republic.