The Royal Opera House Stockholm
Marginal Column

Tough Application

New, reliable, and compact stage machinery for the highest demands on flexibility, safety, and energy efficiency.

Ingenious Solution

Combination of hydraulic and mechanical components for the safe movement of high loads.


“The Royal Opera House Stockholm now benefits from one of the most advanced and energy-efficient stage systems in Europe.”

Royal Opera House Stockholm

Solved with

  • Rexroth stage technology know-how
  • Stage control system SYB 3.0

Royal Opera House Stockholm: Reduced energy consumption and increased safety realized with drive solutions from Rexroth

Stage Experience Pays Off

The Royal Opera House Stockholm is one of the most renowned cultural institutions of its kind. At the theatre, which was erected in 1898, 20 opera and five ballet productions are being staged every year. The stage machinery from 1975 was outdated, uneconomical due to its high energy consumption, and susceptible to failure. In addition, it did no longer meet current safety requirements. A new, energy-efficient, and safe lower stage machinery solution had to be realized between two seasons within a period of five months – with the full support of Bosch Rexroth technologies and know-how.

After nearly 40 years in operation, the old stage machinery of the Royal Opera House Stockholm did no longer meet today’s demands on functionality and safety. It was also becoming increasingly difficult to procure required spare parts. Therefore, the entire lower stage machinery with its five primary platforms and three secondary podiums each had to be modernized in only five months time between May and October, 2014. The new solution had to meet the highest demands on energy-efficiency and conform to all standard safety requirements defined in DIN 56950-1 and DIN EN 61508 SIL 3.

The perfect combination of mechanics and hydraulics

For the counterbalancing of permanent loads, the Swedish theatre consultant NovoScen chose an innovative technology, which combines a hydraulic pull cylinder with mechanical screw propulsion. The hydraulics take over the task of constantly counterbalancing the weights. The solution allows the quiet movement of high loads and convinces with its extremely compact design. Thanks to the use of a hybrid actuator drive it was possible to limit the maximum energy consumption of the system to 350 mA. In the event of an incident, the hydraulics can absorb the full load of the mechanics and vice versa. The redundant design further increases the safety of the system. For the lower stage machinery of the Royal Opera House Stockholm, Bosch Rexroth provided the entire system, complete with steel construction, mechanics, and hydraulics as well as the modern control technology with its 21 safety functionalities. The intuitive user interface works on a 21.5 inch touchscreen and takes advantage of Rexroth’s stage control system SYB 3.0.