Academy of Music, Budapest
Marginal Column

Tough Application

Powerful upper machinery with hydraulic drives operated with the stage control system SYB 3.0

Ingenious Solution

Simple control of the upper machinery via touch screen and mobile smart devices


“Today, the theatre producers in Vienna are much more fl exible regarding dramaturgy and can control their stage technology via comfortable and universally usable 22 inch operating panels.”

Burgtheater Vienna

Solved with

  • SYB 3.0 stage control system
  • Hydraulic drives
  • Remote maintenance via VPN from Rexroth’s company site at Lohr, Germany

Burgtheater, Vienna: Completely overhauled stage technology with an innovative Bosch Rexroth control system

Ready for the Stage in Nine Weeks

The stage technology of the tradition-steeped Burgtheater in Vienna dates from the early 1990s and did no longer meet current performance and safety requirements. Bosch Rexroth projected a new control system complete with its hardware and software components and took on the entire installation and commissioning process. Except for a longer break during the summer, the theatre is almost continuously operated, so that all refurbishments had to take place within a timeframe of nine weeks.

The Burgtheater in Vienna is one of the most important drama theatres in the world and is able again to set new standards with its stage technology: The upper machinery is now equipped with the modular stage control system SYB 3.0, which can be individually adapted to small studio stages as well as to large theatre venues. Up to 700 drives can be controlled via up to 16 operating panels. At the Burgtheater, the system is operated using a 22 inch multi-touch display – mobile smart devices can be connected with the central unit wirelessly, e. g. to control stage props directly from the auditorium.

Programmed sequences for the perfect theatrical illusion.

During the performance, the control system allows to automatically activate programmed and perfectly timed sequences on the stage. Heavy loads can be hoisted using several fl y-bars at once. In case of overload, pressure sensors prevent the starting of drives. This does not only increase the safety on stage, but also helps to avoid malfunctions from the outset. In order to guarantee smooth commissioning, the cabinets with the new control and safety technology have been wired in advance and tested at Rexroth’s manufacturing facilities. Several months prior to commissioning, the stage engineers in Vienna were provided with a demonstration unit to make themselves familiar with the new control system.