Agricultural and Forestry Machinery


From EHC to PRC: Bosch Rexroth Technology
for Agricultural and Forestry Machines


Today, there are seven billion people on the earth - and this number is on the rise. In a report from November 2011, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO, stated that food production has to increase by around 70 percent by 2050. However, existing and new farmland is limited and available resources must therefore be used more effectively and sustainably. This requires modern agricultural and forestry machines. Bosch Rexroth supplies modern travel drives and energy-efficient working hydraulics as well as hardware and software allowing to electronically control these machines.

Our experts for the Agricultural and Forestry Machinery industry sector develop drive and control solutions customized to your needs. These solutions include robust and reliable products, such as gear pumps, variable displacement pumps, radial piston motors, steerings units, control blocks and electronic control units.

  • Electrohydraulic solutions for precision in agriculture
  • Hydraulic drives are gentle on the soil and lower fuel consumption
  • Automatic gear shifting increases productivity and comfort