The following are some of our success stories made possible by implementing Sercos communication solutions:


The "chocolaty" side of automation technology

In 1906, Sapal of Switzerland was granted the patent for a folding box that made it possible to apply automation to the process of packaging chocolate bars. This invention played a key role in helping chocolate become the world's most popular candy. Over 100 years later, the Bosch Packaging Technology company presents another innovation that raises the bar once again – the Starpac 600 HL. This high-performance packaging machine for single-wrap die-fold packages profits from the Sercos automation bus, which enables previously unattainable levels of precision and speed in this application.


Sugar sticks at half-second intervals

Be it in a restaurant or the office: Sugar pouches and sugar sticks in all their shapes and sizes form an essential ingredient of every hot beverage. More than one hundred million of these packets are consumed each year in Europe alone. With a unit price of less than 0.5 cents, production must ensure very low costs and ultra-high output. Italian-based M.F. snc Macchine automatiche now offers a new high-performance machine for filling these little drink enhancers. Rexroth's slim automation system with real-time communication via automation bus keeps the machine running smoothly.


Higher precision and speed with simplified architecture

MECCANICA NOVA, one of the world's leading manufacturers of grinding systems, uses Sercos as a universal bus for all automation tasks in its new NOVA M12 grinder – the ideal combination of precision and speed with systems from Rexroth. The third generation of Sercos is more flexible, faster, easier to operate, and optimizes the entire production process by leveraging innovative machine philosophies.